Support and Kindness

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There are many ways to support the Global Humanity Hub through Micro-Donations (select from below)

  • Support with the running costsĀ of GHH
  • Support the Global Humanity Hub Mission
  • Global Humanity Survey
  • Goodwill and Random Acts of Kindness
  • Support our Global Charities
  • Lend us your Thoughts and Comments
  • Experimental Art Project
  • Non Micro Donations

We really need your support to Survive and Grow

Running and maintaining the Global Humanity Hub costs time and money.

The first GHH goal is to be self sufficient and this solely relies on generous donations. This includes maintaining the domain, web hosting and all necessary subscriptions to produce the content of the GHH

Further goals build on self sufficiency to grow the scope of the hub. More content and further reach.

Ultimately to have enough reserves to be able to operate philanthropically to help humanity

You can support the Global Humanity Hub’s Survival by donating from the section at the top of the page or directly from the GHH Ko-Fi page here.

We massively appreciate any support. Please feel free to drop a note to say you have supported us and why.

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